Additional Support Services

Specialist adoption advice and support for foster carers seeking to adopt children in their care.

Through our experience of supporting foster carers over the years we have seen a regular pattern of obstructive behaviour when foster carers express a wish to adopt a foster child. Our specialist team have successfully supported many foster carers over the years to secure a successful outcome.

Specialist SEND advice for foster carers, special guardians and adopters.

Research has concluded that looked after children are nine times more likely to have special educational needs. Our specialist team supports our members, providing advice to ensure that our members have the right knowledge to advocate for and enable the children in their care receive the best possible support to enable them to achieve their potential.

Guidance on Looked After Children with Special Educational Needs placed out-of-authority

 Specialist education law support and advice.

Previous research has shown that Looked after children are five times more likely to be excluded from school. This can have a devastating effect on educational outcomes for our young people and has a harmful effect on placement stability. Our Specialist team provide advice on education law and practice to support our members when advocating for the children and young people in their care.  

Looked-after children are five times more likely to be temporarily excluded

A qualified and experienced foster care placement support worker with full PACE/DDP training to support foster carers experiencing challenges with placements using proven therapeutic methods.  

By working closely with our members when they are experiencing difficulties with behaviour we aim to prevent an escalation in situations which can ultimately lead to placement breakdown, allegations or standards of care concerns. Our specialist team have many years experience, working for local authority fostering services in placement support work and delivering behaviour management and therapeutic training to foster carers which is essential for this role.

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