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Representatives from Fostering Associations from around the UK met on 23/08/2022 and agreed to form a national organisation to provide support, oversight, camaraderie and guidance to all fostering associations all over the UK.

Foster carers are long overdue their own voice, and recognition that they are highly skilled, well trained professionals who often have additional highly valuable qualifications and experience which they bring to their role.

FosterSupport work with individual fostering associations around the UK on a regular basis. We see the same issues and concerns arising and we see the constant struggle that foster carers encounter to have their voices heard and their knowledge and professional skills respected. There are some examples of excellent practice with genuine collaboration between fostering associations and children’s service departments, then there are others where associations are ignored and only permitted a token, tick box role such as organising the Christmas party.

I have always been particularly impressed by the knowledge and dedication of the Surrey Fostering Association. It is a well-run, highly effective association and the committee have an exceptionally good working relationship with the local authority. Foster carers' views and voices are heard and respected and collaboration and challenge is seen as a valuable tool for learning and growth to ensure that local fostering families are well supported.

I came to the conclusion that Surrey's model of excellence needs to be copied around the UK.

Over the past few months we have held a number of joint meetings with fostering associations around the UK which culminated in the decision to form a national consortium to bring everyone together under one banner. The aim will be to share good practice.

We have also set out national minimum standards for fostering associations which include expectations around how fostering services work with their associations.

Jane Porter, Chair of Surrey Fostering Association said
“A Fostering Association Consortium creates an opportunity for different Fostering Associations, to share their knowledge and experiences, in both Foster Carer support and proactive discussions with a Fostering Service; some of which may have been good, or sadly not so good, but all, if reflected on wisely, form the foundation of best practice.
To be truly effective, both a Fostering Service and a Fostering Association need to learn to understand and appreciate, the importance of having a productive and successful symbiotic relationship with each other. It is for the sake of our children, that Fostering Services and Fostering Associations need to embrace an ‘in unity there is strength’ attitude.
A consortium provides the platform for Association brainstorming conversations to take place, a safe space for supportive discussions.
As Chair of a Fostering Association, I feel privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to lead a committee that has patiently and persistently worked with our Fostering Service. We are forty-nine percent of a developing professional, mutually respected and in partnership working relationship. We feel ready to share our journey.”

Ann Shankland said
"As a newly appointed Fostering Association Chair, I’m so excited to hear about the Consortium. To have their guidance and experience will be invaluable as I move forward in my position."

The Consortium will also be looking to engage directly with the DfE on issues relating to foster care.

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You may have seen John Lewis Partnership announce their intention to become a  fostering friendly employer.
FosterSupport is one of the organisations who have been working with them over the past year. After many months of collaboration this August we facilitated a series of bespoke training courses to JLP managers to give them an insight into the trauma informed training foster carers use when supporting young people to enable them to better understand how to support their care experienced employees. This collaboration will continue next year as they continue to expand their employment scheme. We have also had meetings to provide advice and information to support their bespoke fostering friendly employer scheme. With our support they plan to make this the gold standard policy for fostering friendly organisations. HERE is the video we made for them to promote the internal training sessions. The feedback we received from them about the training was brilliant.

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