Our Values

FosterSupport is a not for profit company limited by guarantee which means that all profits are reinvested in the company for the benefit of it’s members.

Unlike existing support services FosterSupport is funded solely by it’s members and will never take paid contracts from fostering service providers as this is a clear conflict of interest.

We aim to improve retention of existing foster carers and end the current revolving door recruitment and retention crisis by providing robust targeted support and advice to our members to enable and empower them to give to highest level of care to their much loved foster children.

Many foster carers go through at least one allegations process during their fostering career. Most allegations are completely unexpected and foster carers are left feeling alone and confused as their normal support networks rapidly withdraw. It can be many weeks before the carer even finds out what the allegation is during which time they may be grieving the removal of much loved foster children and wondering how they will manage financially.  The process is so disempowering and traumatic that foster carers may choose never to foster again.

We aim to improve retention by offering a bespoke support service specifically tailored for each member’s unique circumstances.  Experience has shown us that there is no “one size fits all” approach as there is a lack of consistency in the application of policies and procedures and compliance with National Minimum Standards for Fostering around the UK.

Our aim is always to protect your reputation and preserve your fostering career with a robust targeted defence and empathic emotional support. We find that having a friendly ear on hand to explain the process reduces fear and anxiety as our members come to realise that what they are experiencing is often a normal part of the process. This is turn helps to lesson friction and conflict with their fostering service provider resulting in better out comes and improved retention.

Useful Resources

This section contains links to useful and essential resources to support you with your fostering role.


Your Team

Jane Collins


Jane has an exciting and varied professional profile. She studied law at Leeds Law School after returning from living in Spain for four years from the age of 20.  She worked in commercial law for one of the largest firm of solicitors in the UK until the premature birth of her son, who suffered from brain damage due to his early arrival. Jane then retrained as a primary school teacher, undertaking a second degree (Bachelor of Education). Jane specialises in fostering children with additional needs.

Jane began assisting her fellow foster carers through the allegations process in 2016 and quickly realised that the system needed a major overhaul. Jane has successfully saved many fostering careers around the UK and she has developed a highly effective formula based on fairness, honesty and integrity. Using her law degree and legal knowledge Jane has begun to bring in significant improvements in outcomes for foster carers by focusing on the use of existing legislation and professional bodies to achieve results rather than lamenting the lack of rights and focusing solely on long term solutions such as worker status and a governing body for foster carers.

Jane has appeared in local and national media including the BBC, the Guardian and Community Care. In early May 2020 Jane met with the Children’s Minister, Vicky Ford MP and her team and over the last few years Jane has given a number of hard hitting speeches in Parliament.

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You may have seen John Lewis Partnership announce their intention to become a  fostering friendly employer.
FosterSupport is one of the organisations who have been working with them over the past year. After many months of collaboration this August we facilitated a series of bespoke training courses to JLP managers to give them an insight into the trauma informed training foster carers use when supporting young people to enable them to better understand how to support their care experienced employees. This collaboration will continue next year as they continue to expand their employment scheme. We have also had meetings to provide advice and information to support their bespoke fostering friendly employer scheme. With our support they plan to make this the gold standard policy for fostering friendly organisations. HERE is the video we made for them to promote the internal training sessions. The feedback we received from them about the training was brilliant.

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