Equal Opportunities Policy Statement

It is our policy of this organisation to provide equal opportunities for all employees, members and trainees. The organisation will also take positive steps to avoid any type of discrimination on the grounds of sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, race, religion and belief, disability, age, political affiliation or marriage and civil partnership. To uphold this policy, the organisation will undertake the following areas of responsibility:

Equality & Diversity Policy Statement

FosterSupport is committed to equality of opportunity as an employer and support service. Equality and diversity is a central part of the culture across the whole organisation. These beliefs are integrated into our recruitment, services, policies and general working. This helps us to achieve our objectives and meet the needs of our members. We welcome applications from all backgrounds especially those groups which are under represented. All applicants are treated equally and selected on the basis of individual merit and ability to meet the requirements of the service.


1. Ensure that there is no discrimination shown to applicants coming for interview for new permanent appointments, temporary or contract work.

2. Ensure that job titles are not gender biased and are accurate.

3. Avoid unnecessary job criteria in person specifications when recruiting new employees.

4. Check that job requirements are really necessary to do the job and are not a reflection of traditional practices that may be operating to the disadvantage of men or women, minorities, the disabled or younger or older people.

5. Guard against sex or race stereotyping, particularly in illustrations, advertisements and recruitment literature.

6. Ensure that recruitment methods used are fair to all potential applicants and advertised in the most appropriate way to reach applicants with the right qualifications.

7. Ensure that no age or age inference is stated in recruitment advertising.

8. Not use age as a discriminator in recruitment and selection.

9. Recruit and retain employees whose skills and experience are appropriate to the job regardless of their age.

10. Ensure that only trained or suitably experienced interviewers conduct selection interviews.  

11. Ensure that interviewers avoid questions that could be construed as discriminatory.

12. Maintain clear interview notes and records of all applicants.

13. Monitor recruitment activity via the equal opportunities monitoring form to ensure that the recruitment policy is fair and to assess and promote our equal opportunities policy.

Training & Promotion:

1. Check that all staff are being trained and developed and have the same opportunities for advancement within the organisation.

2. Not use age as a discriminator in training and promotion decisions.

3. Examine selection criteria for training and promotion opportunities to ensure they do not indirectly discriminate.

4. Monitor the progress of all trainees against the equal opportunities policy and its requirements.

5. Ensure that equal standards are being operated when undertaking performance reviews and assessments.

6. Where appropriate encourage all staff to put themselves forward for training and promotion.

Discrimination and Harassment:

1. Investigate all complaints of discrimination and harassment thoroughly however minor they may be considered to be at first sight. Including social media activity where appropriate.

2. Take disciplinary action against any third party, member or employee found to have discriminated against another employee or member on the grounds of any one of the ‘protected characteristics’ above.

3. Take disciplinary action against any third party, member or employee found to have harassed another employee or member on the grounds of any one of the ‘protected characteristics’ above.      

3a. This may include cancellation of membership.

4. Publication of this Policy

5. Ensure that all employees, especially new employees and those in positions of authority, are made aware of this policy.

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You may have seen John Lewis Partnership announce their intention to become a  fostering friendly employer.
FosterSupport is one of the organisations who have been working with them over the past year. After many months of collaboration this August we facilitated a series of bespoke training courses to JLP managers to give them an insight into the trauma informed training foster carers use when supporting young people to enable them to better understand how to support their care experienced employees. This collaboration will continue next year as they continue to expand their employment scheme. We have also had meetings to provide advice and information to support their bespoke fostering friendly employer scheme. With our support they plan to make this the gold standard policy for fostering friendly organisations. HERE is the video we made for them to promote the internal training sessions. The feedback we received from them about the training was brilliant.

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